Set designer, costume designer, graphic artist. Graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw

Graduated from the Faculty of Graphic Art, working in the illustration studio of J. Stanny, T. Pągowska’s painting studio and the Set Design Faculty in the studio of A. Sadowski and M. Jarnuszkiewicz, J. Sosnowski’s film workshop and I. Biegańska’s costume studio.

She won the Z. Strzelecki First Prize for her work on The Madman and the Nun by Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz (Witkacy), the best set design in Poland. First Prize for best costume in Woody Allen’s God at the International Theatre Festival in Bydgoszcz. In 2017, she won the Prix des P'tits Molières in Paris for the set design for Game of Love and Chance by Pierre de Marivaux, cond. E. Rucińska.

Ela Tolak co-created theatre productions at the Great Theatre in Warsaw and Poznań, Warsaw Chamber Opera, Polish Theatre in Bydgoszcz, New Theatre in Warsaw and Łódź, A la Folie Theatre w Paryżu, Theatre Academy and Music University in Warsaw, Musical Academy in Łodź and others.

With her additional music education and many years of experience as a makeup artist, her productions are full of artistic awareness. She is comfortable with many different art conventions, creating surprising, metaphorical combinations. Her ideas come from her passion, ability to think in abstract terms, openness, free thought, curiosity about the world and sense of humour.

Today, she is also an educator running a proprietary course at the Vocal and Acting Studies Dept. at the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw and also at the Makeup School where she runs a course titled “They hear you like they see you,” the history of style. She is also a lecturer at the Warsaw Film School.